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About Nanny Pair


We are a Boutique Nanny Agency focusing on the best care for your family. We prioritize safety and experience in a fun environment for your kiddos in your home. Whether you are looking for full time or part time care, we want to be a part of your village. We thrive on a stress free process for all your childcare needs. 

Simply contact us with your requested date and time and we will Pair you up with your Perfect Nanny. Our Nannies are truly EXTRAordinary offering a fun approach to childcare. Although safety is #1, fun is right behind it. Each Nanny is hand selected to be an extension of you, providing the best care when you can't be there. They truly are EXTRA, providing extra fun, extra attention and extra care. Whether your infant is soaking up the world around him like a sponge, your toddler is starving for adventure, your school-aged child is craving fun or your pre-teen needs some extra attention, our Nannies are here for you, and most importantly, them.

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safety first


At Nanny Pair, we go above and beyond to make sure safety is our number one priority. Finding the perfect Nanny can be time-consuming, stressful and nerve-wracking. To ensure safety, both our families and Nannies are fully vetted with a criminal background check. 

Our Nannies undergo a detailed screening where we review their motor vehicle report, CPR and first aid certifications, a civil record search to expose any lawsuits, liens or judgments, the sex offender registry for all 50 states, D.C, Puerto Rico and Guam 

and most importantly their resume and references. 

 Each Nanny is hand selected to be an extension of you, offering customized support and care to you and your family.

about Our Nannies


 A Nanny Extraordinaire is a caregiver who provides a bit extra than your typical sitter. They have experience in a field that allows them to provide a unique and qualified approach yet is loving and has the protective nature of a Nanny. Are you looking for someone who loves sports? Someone who can help with homework? Someone who can drive your kiddos to their activities? What about someone who loves drama (no, not that kind!) or has experience with musical instruments? Do you prefer a Nanny who will exercise with your kids or who will explore the outdoors with them? How about a Nanny who is super creative and has an artistic side? 

Our Nannies are teachers, college students who thrive to become doctors, nurses and educators, moms with lots of experience and go-getters who have a passion and love for children. Hire your

Nanny Extraordinaire today. 




1. outstanding or remarkable in a particular capacity.



We take care of all the details so you can spend that extra time on what truly matters, your family. 

Nanny Pair has developed a simple booking and payment process for all your childcare needs. We created My Care, a flexible Pair Plan that is convenient and effortless. Finding care is as easy as 1,2,3.

Getting the best care is as easy as 1, 2, 3

Step one


Pick a Day & Time 

Once you have decided on a Date Night, Girls Day, Double Date or to bask in some Alone Time, simply contact Nanny Pair to request your Nanny.

step two


Call/Text Nanny Pair 

Once you have reached out, A Nanny Pair Rep will confirm they have received your request for care. They will get busy reaching out to their village of Nanny Extraordinaire's while you continue on with your day.

step three


Book Your Nanny

Once a Nanny has been selected, you will receive their Nanny Profile along with an invoice confirming your Nanny has been booked. Once your favorite Nanny has been chosen, you can get to planning the details of your night out, knowing your kiddos night in is taken care of.

 *All care requests do not guarantee a Nanny. If you have been confirmed with a Nanny and s/he should have to cancel due to an emergency, you will be refunded your full booking fee.  

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