Girl power is real and so is boy power but today I am focusing on us girls, specifically girls in business. As a business woman, I want, need and live for girl power. I want it for me and I want it for others, hence creating a business that caters to both. Nanny Pair helps girls and women. A lot of my business is with moms and female Nannies and children of course.

Every business owner needs to know their “why” in order to feel motivated on the days we may feel less than.
What is my why? Besides my family being my reason why, my why is YOU.
When my agency Pairs a new Nanny with a Family, I feel incredible. I literally smile so big knowing that I helped a Family find a person they can truly trust with their pride and joys. My heart also bursts knowing I helped a Nanny find a job that they are truly passionate about. It’s a win-win-win, and that is huge.

A big part of my why is derived from a passion of helping others and giving children an opportunity for growth in a positive environment. I am inspired and blown away every single day by other women, other businesses and today, I am inspired by the Girl Scouts.
Watching young girls navigate their way and dream big is inspiring. Creating an interest in entrepreneurship at such an early age is one of the many things I love about the Girl Scouts. They truly help support and help girls create strong leadership skills, inclusion & confidence and that is so important and very powerful.

When a Girl Scout sells cookies, it is so much more than just cookies, although they are delicious. It’s tenacity, hope and goal-setting. It builds communication skills, creativity, courage, determination, follow through and teamwork.

Cookie season is coming to an end and we want to help the girls reach their goals. Maybe they will and maybe they won’t but fighting hard until the end is a wonderful learning experience.

Have your Girl Scout email us and tell us their why.
Why do they choose to sell cookies? What is motivating them and what goals are they hoping to reach?

In return, we would love to buy a box to help them reach their goals.
We look forward to supporting the
Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana and hearing their stories.