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Gillespie Gang

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Gillespie Gang

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Jameson, 4

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Someone who is patient, caring and can encourage learning through play!

Do your children need help with the potty?

Yes, wiping bum please

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He loves playing on his water slide. Jameson loves to be engaged and the center of attention. He loves music and playing the humming game (where you guess what song he is humming) and dancing to music videos! He is a very silly boy and has been a great talker since he was 2! He like to play games like Jenga and making a slide out of cardboard boxes down the stairs. He is so much fun but can have such an attitude- or maybe that is just with his parents!

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We have 3 cats: Beetlejuice, Lydia and Bella.

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We are an easy going family looking for an active Nanny to care for our sweet boy.


Gillespie shark!

Our family is so silly! We love playing outside and having a good time!


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