How long have you been a Nanny? This is an extremely popular question and your answer can speak volumes. There is a difference between a babysitter and a Nanny. A big difference. On your resume it is important to categorize your experience into levels. This showcases your value and supports your knowledge that you know the difference and allows families (and Agencies) to take your experience seriously.

  1. Mother’s helper: usually a playmate who hangs out with the kiddos while the parents are home. They are never left alone and responsibilities include entertaining the children through play or tagging along on fieldtrips to parks.

Bottom level– watching family members to include siblings and cousins.

Middle level– hanging out with neighbors every now and then and earning a bit of money for your time.

Top level– watching kiddos while the parents are home on a consistent basis.


  1. Babysitter: a position that usually occurs during your teenage years on a part time basis.

Bottom level– coming over after children have been put to bed by their parents usually on weekend nights.

Middle level– engaging in more responsibilities such as preparing simple meals, pick up after meals & play and following directions set forth by parents for child activities.

Top level– taking a more active approach by creating and engaging the children in fun activities on a more consistent basis.


  1. Nanny: an all-encompassing teammate that cares and nurtures children usually in their home environment. Holds first aid & CPR certifications and has a lot of experience as a sitter.

Bottom level– has knowledge on milestones and is active in crafting age appropriate activities with academic interests. Follows parent’s schedules, routines and parenting styles.

Middle level– plays a more supportive role with the family in helping to communicate effective routines and schedules for the children. Plans and executes child activities, manages and transports to extracurricular activities and supports homework help and other child related tasks. Effectively balances keeping the family organized and plays a major role in the children’s life.

Top level– participates in growing his/her expertise by engaging in classes, forums and more.