Northern California Pair Plans

Nanny Placement

Your time is valuable and finding the perfect Nanny can cost you those precious moments with your family. Allow Nanny Pair to create, customize and deliver exceptional care right to your door.

Each candidate is fully vetted, experienced, educated and trustworthy. As a member of The International Nanny Association, they will comply with Nanny Pair's high standards as we take pride in abiding by the INA’s commitment to professional excellence.

Nanny Pair will help to negotiate salary, vacation/sick days along with other benefits and responsibilities.

Let us spend the time gathering all the necessary information so you can make the best choice for you and your family.

Agency Fees:

$175 admin fee plus

Monthly contract: $200/month

6 month contract: $150/month or $800 paid in full

1 year contract: $120/month or $1200 paid in full


My Care

This Pair Plan was designed specifically for you and your unique childcare needs. Contact Nanny Pair for the days or nights you need and we will Pair you with one of our wonderful Nannies. This Plan is ideal for those who are looking for care every so often or just a few days a week. We will help you to negotiate a Nanny rate that is best for you based on the number of children you have and their ages, your schedule and the responsibilities of the Nanny. My Care by Nanny Pair was created to be your best Care option for flexibility and affordability. 

Agency Fees:

$25 service fee upon scheduling 

*Based on Nanny availability

*4 hour minimum 

Guaranteed Care

Nanny Pair is excited to announce a game changer in childcare. 

Gone are the the days of unreliable care, uncomfortable negotiations and wasted time. 

Give us your schedule and we will take care of the rest.

Simply pay a membership fee to Nanny Pair and have full access to our Nanny village with a guarantee that one of our Nannies will be there. 

NO Nanny contracts to worry about, NO paid vacation days, NO health insurance reimbursement and absolutely NO wasted time scrolling through profiles, reference checking and background screening. 

Guaranteed Care allows for more time with family, friends and the things you love.

Agency Fees:

Weekly membership fee: $100

Monthly membership fee: $300

*Rates start at $15/hr

*Schedule must be provided 3 days in advance to guarantee care

Nanny Share

Love the idea of having a professional Nanny on your team but wonder if you can afford the expense? Nanny Pair recognizes that all families deserve exceptional, safe care for their children regardless of cost, so we created a Nanny Share Plan that can cut your childcare expenses in half, if not more.

Team up with other families who share similar schedules to create a childcare plan that works best for you.

Whether you already have a family in mind you'd like to Pair up with or if you are looking for that perfect family, contact us to find the perfect Nanny and create your perfect schedule.

*4 children maximum per Nanny

Background and Reference Check   

à la carte 

At Nanny Pair, we go above and beyond to make sure safety is our number one priority and you should too. Finding the perfect Nanny can be time-consuming, stressful and nerve-wracking. 

You can now order a detailed screening for your Nanny à la carte. We will review their motor vehicle report, CPR and first aid certifications, a civil record search to expose any lawsuits, liens or judgments, the sex offender registry for all 50 states, D.C, Puerto Rico and Guam and most importantly their resume and references.

Agency Fees:

starting at $175

Home Consultation

A Home Consultation is required prior to working with Nanny Pair. A Nanny Pair Rep will come to your home, spend time with your family, go over schedule and routine and help decide what is the best Pair Plan for you and your family. We will also discuss your wants and needs in a Nanny and go over any extra responsibilities. This is the beginning step to building your Family profile and gives you access to all the services Nanny Pair offers. 

Cost: A non-refundable fee of $225