In a world where there are so many expectations and demands, let us remember it truly is the small things that can make us smile, have a great impact and remind us that it is ok to just slow down. As adults we are cooped up all day. In our homes, in our offices, in the car. Do we ever have a second to roam free? And what about our children? The expectations and demands start at such a young age that we sometimes forget that it’s ok to let a child just be a child.

Children love to play. It is their way to explore the vast world and learn about the things that are truly important, the things right outside their door. When you play outside you are adding in so many wonderful benefits to a child’s development.

Outdoor play inspires:

  • increased confidence
  • allows for healthy risk-taking
  • helps build social skills

Outdoor play demonstrates an increase in:

  • communication
  • problem-solving
  • fine and gross motor skills
  • motivation

The physicality of outdoor play and the ability to learn respect to all spaces and creatures big and small plays an integral part in a child’s development as they get older. And best of all, the learning comes naturally, literally in nature.

Nanny Pair is thrilled to offer Nature Classes to our kiddos, but not just any ordinary class, EXTRAordinary classes that are fit for fun-loving and adventurous Families that crave time to stand still for one moment and just breathe in the fresh air. Our Adventure Classes are super unique in that they are held outside in all weather conditions. “Direct association with nature has both mental and physical benefits. It has also been proven to improve mood, and reduce depression and mental fatigue. Children who are involved in regular outdoor play benefit from increased flexibility and gross motor skills.”    –

So what exactly are Adventure Classes?

Our classes follow a pedagogy that allows them to explore on their own, based on their interest, in that moment of time. There are child-led, prepared environments and creative play based philosophies, but we are an all-encompassing program that truly allows the outdoor environment to dictate our day. When the wind is blowing, we will experiment with the currents. When tiny ice crystals form, we will investigate and explore. When rain falls, we will touch it, feel it, smell it and of course jump in it! Look for our Nature Classes coming this Spring!