Nanny Pair is a boutique Nanny Agency Pairing Nannies and Families together. We offer Full/Part Time Placement services for families looking to add a Nanny to their team. We also help families with Transportation, Overnight, Date Night/Day, Event, Hotel and Travel Nannies.

Our Nannies provide our families with trust, safety, and care, and it’s time to offer our Nanny Extraordinaires to all families needing care, so we are expanding our services!
We have been working hard over here and it is finally time to share our new service. We have streamlined the babysitting industry with “My Care” by Nanny Pair. We have teamed up with a mobile appointment scheduling software that is designed to help us all grow as childcare providers. We would love to invite you to join us on this exciting journey.
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Whether you are a current Nanny, student, parent, or employee looking for a way to earn extra money while working with kiddos, this service is for you.
Safety has always been a top priority for us regarding our Nannies and somehow childcare has become something to find on social media with zero to no vetting involved. The thought of one of you headed to a home you have never visited before, with people you have only interacted with online, has our hearts beating way too fast. Most of you know that we require Home Consultations for ANY family that wants to work with Nanny Pair. We go to their home, meet the family, spend time with the children and take a tour of the home to ensure they are safe for YOU. This has always been part of the process and will continue to be as we move forward with our My Care plan.
This new portal will allow you to view all of your sitting jobs on an easy to use app where you can create your profile, share your availability in a calendar, pick the areas you would like to travel to and then choose what Families you would like to work with based on a wonderful feature that will text you directly when a Family books with you.
We are hard at work as we prepare to go live in the next few weeks. We will open the portal to our current families first and then expand to all families needing safe & reliable care. We are offering a free “Basic Skills Assessment” created by The International Nanny Association for those who register in the next few days. This is a short pass/fail quiz that showcases your expertise in the childcare field that stands out on any resume.
Next Steps:
If you would like to learn more about our new adventure, please fill out this form and we will be in touch with next steps. We look forward to answering any questions you may have.
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