Pair Plans

Nanny Pair created Pair Plans to fit your unique childcare needs. We know that every Family is different and thus their Nanny needs are different. Each Nanny is hand selected to be an extension of you, providing the best care when you can’t be there. Allow Nanny Pair to create, customize and deliver exceptional care with our Nanny Placement Plan when adding a full or part time Nanny to your team.
Our My Care Plan is a membership-based plan that allows you to have 24-7 access to our village of Nannies. My Care is best suited for Families looking for part time care including, much needed date nights.

Our village is full of amazing Nannies who are educated, experienced and equally fun. Each Nanny Extraordinaire is ready to help make your life a little bit easier by offering exceptional care, reliability and professionalism. As a member of The International Nanny Association, they will comply with Nanny Pair’s high standards as we take pride in abiding by the INA’s commitment to professional excellence.

Please note a Home Consultation (now offered virtually) is required for all Families who choose to work with Nanny Pair. This ensures a safe and protected environment for our Nannies and Your Family.

Join Our Village
A Home Consultation is required prior to working with Nanny Pair. A Nanny Pair Representative will come to your home, spend time with your Family, go over schedule and routine and discuss your wants and needs in a Nanny. We will also go over any extra responsibilities you request and share important information. This is the beginning step to building your Family profile and gives you access to all the services Nanny Pair offers.
Agency Fee: $199 (one time, non-refundable)
*Now offering virtual consultations

My Care

This membership-based Pair Plan was designed specifically for you and your unique childcare needs. Join our village to have 24-7 access to the best care. Read profiles, review background reports and personally connect with our Nannies via our exclusive Nanny portal. When you are ready to schedule your favorite Nanny, simply book on their profile and select the date and time you need care. A notification will be sent directly to them and they will accept or decline your request in one simple move. Login each time you need a Nanny and never sacrifice the best care for your kiddos.

Finding care is as easy as 1, 2, 3

Agency Fees:

Registration fee: $99 (one time fee)

Monthly membership: $29.99
Booking fee: $5.00
*Based on Nanny availability

Nanny Placement

Allow Nanny Pair to create, customize and deliver exceptional care right to your door when adding a full or part time Nanny to your team. We take the stresses out of searching for that perfect Nanny who is experienced, excited and most of all reliable. Your time is valuable and finding the perfect Nanny can cost you those precious moments with your Family.

Nanny Pair now offers a Custom Plan option that allows you to pick and choose what services (via the à la carte tab) that are necessary for your Family at a cost that fits within your budget. We will provide you with pre-screened Nanny candidates that already fit your scheduling needs, desired salary range and match your parenting style. Simply pick your favorites to begin the interview process so you can select the best Nanny for your Family.

Our Full-Service Placement Plan includes a Work Agreement, written Nanny Contract, resume & reference check, a detailed background screening, professional partners list and full time concierge services hand delivered by Nanny Pair.

Agency Fees:

Custom Placement: $350+

Full-Service Placement: $1800 (1 year contract) or $900 (6 month contract) or $200 per month (temporary contract).

Background Check:

At Nanny Pair, we go above and beyond to make sure safety is our number one priority and you should too. Finding the right caregiver can be time consuming and stressful and it is imperative to hire someone who can be trusted to keep your kiddos safe. It is equally important to partner with a trusted company to ensure all background checks are validated and up to date. Every time you welcome a new sitter into your home, you should feel confident he or she is fully vetted and screened prior to being around your precious little ones.

Order a detailed screening for your sitter to include a background check inclusive of: a motor vehicle report, a civil record search to expose any lawsuits, liens or judgments, the sex offender registry for all 50 states, D.C, Puerto Rico and Guam and most importantly their CPR & first aid certifications.

Agency Fees: 
Starting at $99

Drug Test: 

A 5-panel eCup urine test to include results for:

  • THC
  • Cocaine
  • Amphetamines
  • Opiates
  • PCP

Agency Fees: (not included in Placement)

Resume and Reference Check:

When hiring a Nanny it is vital that he or she has had previous experience in the childcare field. Allow Nanny Pair to vet your Nanny and find out their exact experience level by connecting with their contacts and providing you with written references as well as validating resume details.

Agency Fees:

Nanny/Family Work Agreement:

A written work agreement crafted by a professional provides a seamless integration and incorporates an organized overview of expectations, responsibilities and schedule when adding a Nanny/sitter to your team. Our agreement will outline logistics that you may not even think you will need to discuss (think a world-wide pandemic, death in the family, jury duty etc.) and sets both the Nanny and the Family up for success in navigating the what-if’s prior to these occurrences happening. As an employer, it is necessary to be prepared in case of conflict, termination, and unexpected events. Having an outline is helpful and can easily be found on any platform, but having a professional work on your behalf to negotiate and discuss sensitive topics, allows for a healthy and respectful start to a wonderful working relationship. Allow Nanny Pair to craft an agreement that is a win-win for all so you can focus on nourishing a loving and professional relationship with your Nanny.

Agency Fees:

Childcare + Teacher = the perfect Pair! A School Nanny gifts a family with the best of both worlds. Whether you are implementing virtual school sessions with an outlined curriculum from your designated school, want to create a new routine for your kiddo or are looking for extra, specialized attention in a certain subject, our School Nanny implements age-appropriate learning in a safe, professional and loving atmosphere.  You get the benefits of childcare while your child receives special attention. Offered as Nanny Placement and Virtual Lessons.

School Nanny (childcare + teacher) and a School Share (School Nanny + Nanny Share) are options to offer our families looking for help with NTI and virtual learning this school year. Both plans offer a customized plan outlining a typical school day for the kiddos and usually begins at 9:00am and ends at 3:00pm (6 hours a day) Monday thru Friday with the ability to add hours before and after “school” if needed at a predetermined hourly rate.

School Nanny
Hours: 9am-3:00pm 30 hours a week
Days: Monday – Friday
Length: Week-Week
Nanny Rate: starting at $600/week
Agency Fee: $175 admin fee + $30/week
School Share: If you have another family (or more!) who would like to join your family for a School Share then Nanny costs would be significantly discounted. The more families (up to 4 kiddos) equate a bigger savings!
Agency Fee: $30/week

Our Nannies are Extraordinary and have talents to share with your kiddos. Whether you are looking for lessons in language, math and science, reading, instruments, magic or painting, we are happy to share their talents with you. Simply contact us for your specific request and together we will craft a customized plan for your child based on experience, expectations and goals.

Agency Fees:
$99 consultation (one time fee)
Booking fee: $15

Nanny Rates:
30 minutes: $25
1 hour: $45

Nanny Care

Our Nannies are truly EXTRAordinary offering a fun approach to childcare. Although safety is #1, fun is right behind it.  They truly are EXTRA, providing extra fun, extra attention and extra care. Whether your infant is soaking up the world around him like a sponge, your toddler is starving for adventure, your school-aged child is craving silliness or your pre-teen needs some extra attention, our Nannies are here for you, and most importantly, them.

Keep reading to find out what kind of Nanny care works best for your needs:


A Full Time Nanny is scheduled for 30 or more hours a week.

A Part Time Nanny is scheduled for 29 or less hours a week.

A Temp Nanny is hired for a short period of time usually consisting of 3 months or less.


Looking to spend quality time with your partner? Excited for a girls day or alone time?

Our Date Night service offers you peace of mind while you bask in some precious time away. A fully vetted, educated and experienced Nanny will come to your home so you can rest easy knowing your children are comfortable and happy in their own environment. Hire a Nanny Pair Nanny to take care of your loved ones, while you take care of yourself.


1. Extend the school day with ease when a Nanny joins the kiddos after school. We join forces with local schools and daycares to provide extra care for families who may need additional hours in a fun, engaging, familiar environment with no transportation logistics to plan. The School Nanny implements a schedule and routine that compliments the pedagogy used at the selected school or daycare. Whether a child-led philosophy or Montessori approach, we are available to help families benefit from extended school days. Contact us for more details.

2. Childcare + Tutor = the perfect Pair! A School Nanny gifts a family with the best of both worlds. Whether you are implementing virtual school sessions with an outlined curriculum from your designated school, want to create a new routine for your kiddo or are looking for extra, specialized attention in a certain subject, our School Nanny implements age-appropriate learning in a safe, professional and loving atmosphere.  You get the benefits of childcare while your child receives special attention. Offered as Nanny Placement and individual sessions.


There are two kinds of Nanny Share Plans.
1. Group Night Out
Wish you could spend some time with your friends but can’t afford your own Nanny? Our Nanny Share is a wonderful option! Grab your friends and all chip in a few bucks to cover the cost of your Nanny. Decide where to host the kiddos and then plan your night out.
We recommend hiring 2 Nannies for 5+ kids.
2. Full or Part Time Care
Nanny Share is a great option for those who are looking to share a Nanny with another Family (or more). This can help cut down on Nanny costs and the benefits of having a playmate can be wonderful for child growth. Nanny Share works best for Families who have similar schedules & age of children, share the same parenting style and live in close proximity of one another. We know that planning those logistics, going over every detail (sick days, hosting, days off, unexpected absences, etc) and implementing a routine approved by all can be time consuming and stressful. Allow us to customize a finalized plan and schedule for all.


With the high demands of our youth today it is very difficult to get the kids to school, practice, tutoring and then back home safe and sound. Unfortunately, most workplaces don’t allow for the flexibility needed to accommodate their schedules and parents are left in a bind. Hire a Transportation Nanny and your precious cargo will be safely transported to their activities so you can focus on your work without any worry.


Planning a special event and need some extra help? Hire an Event Nanny to help the day run smooth so you can actually enjoy the celebration!


The Overnight Nanny is usually hired between the hours of 9:00pm and 6:00am. An Overnight Nanny can be a Newborn Care Specialist for your infant or a Nanny who watches your children while you rest or work.


Planning a vacation or headed out of town for work and need extra care? Hire one of our Travel Nannies to help alleviate the stresses of travel with your little ones.

A Nanny Pair representative will happily customize a package to fit your unique needs.

Contact Travel Expert


Whether you are in town for work or pleasure, hire one of our Nannies to come to your hotel while you enjoy a night out or attend a meeting.

A professional Nanny will bring an activity box with them to keep your little one entertained or happily go on an adventure around the city. Please contact us directly for special notes and rates.


In a bind and looking for last minute care? We understand things pop up at the last second and we are here to help take away the stresses of finding you the best care when life throws you those unexpected curve balls. Contact Nanny Pair for pricing and availability.


We provide the tools to help people connect via our platform. It is the sole responsibility of each individual to safely engage in services and to interact professionally. Nanny Pair and Nanny Extraordinaire have been created by Nanny Pair, LLC.
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