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Nanny Pair created Pair Plans to fit your unique childcare needs. We know that every Family is different and thus their Nanny needs are different. Each Nanny is hand selected to be an extension of you, providing the best care when you can’t be there. Allow Nanny Pair to create, customize and deliver exceptional care with our Nanny Placement Plan when adding a full or part time Nanny to your team.
Our My Care Plan is best suited for Families looking for part time care including, much needed date nights.

Our village is full of amazing Nannies who are educated, experienced and equally fun. Each Nanny Extraordinaire is ready to help make your life a little bit easier by offering exceptional care, reliability and professionalism. As a member of The International Nanny Association, they will comply with Nanny Pair’s high standards as we take pride in abiding by the INA’s commitment to professional excellence.

Please note a Home Consultation (now offered virtually) is required for all Families who choose to work with Nanny Pair. This ensures a safe and protected environment for our Nannies and Your Family.

Nanny Care

Our Nannies are truly EXTRAordinary offering a fun approach to childcare. Although safety is #1, fun is right behind it.  They truly are EXTRA, providing extra fun, extra attention and extra care. Whether your infant is soaking up the world around him like a sponge, your toddler is starving for adventure, your school-aged child is craving silliness or your pre-teen needs some extra attention, our Nannies are here for you, and most importantly, them.

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We provide the tools to help people connect via our platform. It is the sole responsibility of each individual to safely engage in services and to interact professionally. Nanny Pair and Nanny Extraordinaire have been created by Nanny Pair, LLC.
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