Nannies are the heart and soul of Nanny Pair. Our extensive interview process and background checks provide us with the best of the best.         

At Nanny Pair we are looking for exceptional caregivers who have a passion and talent in the childcare field. Our Nannies are Extraordinary, so we call them Nanny Extraordinaire’s. A Nanny Extraordinaire is a caregiver who provides a bit extra than your typical sitter. They have experience in a field that allows them to provide a unique & qualified approach when caring for children.

Do you love playing sports? Are you available to help with homework? Can you safely transport kiddos to and from their activities?

Do you love drama (no, not that kind!) or were you the star in your high school play? Do you play a musical instrument? Are you active in the gym, have you perfected the Cat-Cow stretch? Do you enjoy hikes and exploring the outdoors?

Are you a Nanny who is super creative and has an artistic side?

Our Nannies are teachers, college students who thrive to become doctors, nurses & educators, moms with lots of experience and go-getters who have a passion and love for children.

1. outstanding or remarkable in a particular capacity.

A Full Time Nanny is scheduled for 30 or more hours a week.

A Part Time Nanny is scheduled for 29 or less hours a week.

A Temp Nanny is hired for a short period of time usually consisting of 3 months or less.

Looking to spend quality time with your partner? Excited for a girls day or alone time?

Our Date Night service offers you peace of mind while you bask in some precious time away. A fully vetted, educated and experienced Nanny will come to your home so you can rest easy knowing your children are comfortable and happy in their own environment. Hire a Nanny Pair Nanny to take care of your loved ones, while you take care of yourself.

1. Extend the school day with ease when a Nanny joins the kiddos after school. We join forces with local schools and daycares to provide extra care for families who may need additional hours in a fun, engaging, familiar environment with no transportation logistics to plan. The School Nanny implements a schedule and routine that compliments the pedagogy used at the selected school or daycare. Whether a child-led philosophy or Montessori approach, we are available to help families benefit from extended school days. Contact us for more details.

2. Childcare + Tutor = the perfect Pair! A School Nanny gifts a family with the best of both worlds. Whether you are implementing virtual school sessions with an outlined curriculum from your designated school, want to create a new routine for your kiddo or are looking for extra, specialized attention in a certain subject, our School Nanny implements age-appropriate learning in a safe, professional and loving atmosphere. You get the benefits of childcare while your child receives special attention. Offered as Nanny Placement and individual sessions.

There are two kinds of Nanny Share Plans.
1. Group Night Out
Wish you could spend some time with your friends but can’t afford your own Nanny? Our Nanny Share is a wonderful option! Grab your friends and all chip in a few bucks to cover the cost of your Nanny. Decide where to host the kiddos and then plan your night out.
We recommend hiring 2 Nannies for 5+ kids.
2. Full or Part Time Care
Nanny Share is a great option for those who are looking to share a Nanny with another Family (or more). This can help cut down on Nanny costs and the benefits of having a playmate can be wonderful for child growth. Nanny Share works best for Families who have similar schedules & age of children, share the same parenting style and live in close proximity of one another. We know that planning those logistics, going over every detail (sick days, hosting, days off, unexpected absences, etc) and implementing a routine approved by all can be time consuming and stressful. Allow us to customize a finalized plan and schedule for all.

With the high demands of our youth today it is very difficult to get the kids to school, practice, tutoring and then back home safe and sound. Unfortunately, most workplaces don’t allow for the flexibility needed to accommodate their schedules and parents are left in a bind. Hire a Transportation Nanny and your precious cargo will be safely transported to their activities so you can focus on your work without any worry.

Planning a special event and need some extra help? Hire an Event Nanny to help the day run smooth so you can actually enjoy the celebration!

The Overnight Nanny is usually hired between the hours of 9:00pm and 6:00am. An Overnight Nanny can be a Newborn Care Specialist for your infant or a Nanny who watches your children while you rest or work.

Planning a vacation or headed out of town for work and need extra care? Hire one of our Travel Nannies to help alleviate the stresses of travel with your little ones.

A Nanny Pair representative will happily customize a package to fit your unique needs.

Contact Travel Expert

Whether you are in town for work or pleasure, hire one of our Nannies to come to your hotel while you enjoy a night out or attend a meeting.

A professional Nanny will bring an activity box with them to keep your little one entertained or happily go on an adventure around the city. Please contact us directly for special notes and rates.

In a bind and looking for last minute care? We understand things pop up at the last second and we are here to help take away the stresses of finding you the best care when life throws you those unexpected curve balls. Contact Nanny Pair for pricing and availability.

Kuristan M.

Psychology Student

"To me, children have a sincere drive to learn and experience new things and this has drawn me into the childcare field"

Childcare Experience

4 Years

Background Check Complete

Cristina G.

Applied Behavior Analyst

What is your favorite activity to do with a toddler? "Experiencing new things and activities together such as cooking, simple crafts, learning colors/numbers, sensory activities and age appropriate life skills"

Childcare Experience

7 Years

Background Check Complete

Holly B.

School Teacher

" It comes naturally to me to do my very best with all children and treat them as the most precious gifts that they are."

Childcare Experience

9 Years

Background Check Complete

I would love to join your


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