Girl Scout Cookies

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Girl power is real and so is boy power but today I am focusing on us girls, specifically girls in business. As a business woman, I want, need and live for girl power. I want it for me and I want it for others, hence creating a business that caters to both.

Nanny Types

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You can hire a Nanny for full time care and Date Nights but did you know there are several types of Nanny Care? At Nanny Pair, a Nanny is a childcare provider who is experienced, educated and extraordinary.

Have you failed?

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As the first week of the New Year comes to an end, most of us are barely hanging on to our resolutions. According to there are 10 common resolutions we make. Is yours on the list? Are you succeeding or did you already fail?

Why is outdoor play so important?

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Children love to play. It is their way to explore the vast world and learn about the things that are truly important, the things right outside their door. When you play outside you are adding in so many wonderful benefits to a child's development.

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