I scream, You scream.

Although there is no ice cream, I can promise you something much better.

I can’t promise you a life free from stress or that your house will never be a mess. I can’t promise the kids will be in school tomorrow or a sweet Valentine from your beau. I can’t promise good health or that your small business will bring you wealth. I can’t promise that your kids won’t fight or homecooked meals every night.  I can’t promise that your kids will sit quietly while learning online or that Covid cases will finally decline. I can’t promise you a solid straight 8 hours of sleep or promises that will actually keep. But what I can promise you is one solid moment of relief. How? Sarah freekin’ Harmon.

This name may sound familiar to you as she is famous for screaming. Yup. Screaming. You may have seen her interview on The Today Show or perhaps you watched the viral video of her and a bunch of moms in a field screaming their lungs out. I know about Sarah Harmon because I am from the Northeast and used to work in Boston, MA so I keep up with the news from the area. Let me fill you in: Sarah decided enough was enough when she received a message that school would be cancelled the next day because it was too cold. Now, we are talking about the Northeast here people. Of course it’s cold- they average a whopping 16* in the winter with many nights reaching well below 0*! Heck, it’s even cold in the summer! Back to Sarah. So she receives this crazy message and she finally snaps. I mean you can see why this mama was just a tid bit frustrated. Think: JCPS and their daily 3:00pm messages letting parents know if school will be NTI or in-person for the following day! If you’re not from Louisville, Kentucky, don’t ask.

This fed up Bostonian took to social media and invited fellow stressed out moms to join her for a scream, simply stating the date, time and location with the hashtag #timetoscream.

It was a success. The now viral moment captured the hearts of many and scream events have begun popping up around the nation. Sarah even shares tips on how to create your own scream event and this is helpful because I’m creating one here in Louisville. We all know that bottled up emotions can be the death of us. There is tons of research out there letting us know the dangers of stress. Happiness is the goal but sometimes sadness, anxiety and anger can creep in and I can’t think of a better way to release those negative feelings than by screaming outside in the middle of the cold, dark, night surrounded by my community.

There is so much going on in the world – what is stressing you out? For me, my patience level was thin to begin with so add in the unknown school days, sickness, my lack of sleep from our newborn, trying to keep my small business up and running, sickness, my 5 year old’s attitude, my partner’s work schedule, our bills, sickness, being far from home, did I mention sickness? my postpartum body along with all the little things and I’m definitely ready to burst. So, if you are feeling a little overwhelmed or if you are busting at the seems with emotions, meet me on the field next to the church so we can rejoice in one solid moment of relief.

Tuesday, 2/22. 7:45pm. Trinity World Outreach Center. #timetoscream

Ms. Harmon may have more credentials and certifications than I do, but the one thing we do have in common is that we are moms. Just stressed out-over-everything moms  ready to scream. Let us gather and let out our inner lioness as we roar into the night together. Rawwwwrrrrr”

Save it for Tuesday!