Blackacre Farm is hosting a day of learning with their Nature Classes & Nanny Pair is ending the day with Recess!

Join us from 3:30pm-4:30pm at Blackacre Farm for $10 per child on:

Tuesdays 9/8-9/29

Fridays 9/11-10/2

Mondays 9/14-10/5




Read more about Blackacre’s Nature Classes here:


Looking for classes where your child can have fun while learning outdoors? Blackacre Nature Preserve and Historic Homestead has almost 300 acres to explore. Our woods, hiking trails, ponds, and streams along with our multiple breeds of animals and historic structures provide the perfect environment in which kids can play, imagine, and ignite their love for learning. Our enrichment programs immerse children into nature and allow them to grow as independent thinkers.

We are offering Art and Science/History classes for grades K-5th. You can register your child for one or both classes for twice the fun.  They will enjoy the wonders of nature while learning about the world they live in through discovery and investigation.

Art Class – K-5th grade

Come join us at Blackacre’s nature art studio – outdoors!  Art students will travel to different areas of the preserve where they will be taught various art techniques through the lens of a literary work. This includes En Plein Air Painting, Outdoor Pencil Drawing techniques, Sensory Art, Play and Learning. (art supply list provided at registration)

Science and History, the Dynamic Duo 

This class is packed for twice the fun!  Classes offerings by grade are listed below:

K-2 Grade Class

Has your child ever thought what it was like to live before cars, cell phones or grocery stores? Kids will have fun learning answers to these questions as they time travel back through Blackacre’s Historical homestead. For science, they will become detectives as they walk on the wild side and explore our trails, meadows and ponds with fish nets, magnifying glasses and specimen trays. They will learn how to think, not what to think about environmental issues.

3rd-5th Grade Class

“Animal Classifications and Adaptations”

In a brutal world filled with predators and impossible elements, how do animals survive? In this class, we will analyze the adaptations of animals and their organic solutions to Earth’s deadliest situations. Students will observe actual animal samples. 

“Extreme Survival Experts”

Are you fascinated by survival strategies used by the Stars of survival shows like “Man vs. Wild” or “Ultimate Survival”? In this class, students will learn all about the ORIGINAL survival experts: Native Americans! We will explore survival strategies used by Native Americans that made them successful at hunting, fishing, building shelter, fighting, traveling, and more.


We have A Team instructors who one or more of the following accomplishments:

  • Teacher from a Blue Ribbon School (one of the top ranked schools in Kentucky)
  • 2nd highest District Ranked Elementary Science Teacher (Title I School)
  • 4th highest District Ranked Elementary History Teacher (Title I School)
  • Prior teacher for the Louisville Zoo summer education program.
  • All are certified teachers.

Blackacre Outdoor Nature Classes | One time a week/4 weeks total | Max. 10 students per class

(each class = 4 student minimum) | Four classes for $100 | Sign up to reserve a spot and pay later!