Recess. Get Out and Move

Nanny Pair is thrilled to offer Recess for kiddos needing a break from the screens. Ask a child their favorite class in school and most reply with recess! As families with children are home from school, getting outside and having fun is so important. School is online. Foreign language lessons and music lessons are done online, everything we love is done online and now it’s time to get offline and get outside.

Owner and creator of Nanny Pair, Melissa Gillespie and her family are offering Recess to families looking for an online break for their children. Whether you belong to a pod, are tackling NTI alone, homeschooling or kept your preschooler home this year, we want to offer outside play for your kiddo and most importantly for you.

Take advantage of your alone time by running a few errands, jumping on a conference call, taking a catnap or catching up on a million other things that are on your to-do list. A Nanny Pair Nanny will come to your home (or host your children at their home!) for some much-needed playtime. We will enjoy age-appropriate activities to include, kickball, hopscotch, jump rope and hula hooping, parachute play, bubble fun and more.

“We want to instill the importance of exercise and outdoor play and we are bringing back old-school fun like Simon Says, Tag, Red light-Green light, Mother May I, Red Rover, Dodge ball and those other fun games we used to play as kids” Melissa excitedly states.

The goal is to appeal to families who need a few moments to decompress while their children are engaging in safe, active play. Our families know us, trust us and use our services because they feel safe with us. “When we show up, they know they can disappear for a while, and that is the intention” says Melissa.

Bring back recess and bring back the fun in the school day.

Details: 1 hour | $10 per child (minimum 4 children) | Hosted outside rain or shine

Hosted in your home | our home (Fern Creek) | Blackacre Farm 3200 Tucker Station Road, Louisville, Kentucky 40299