This Pair Plan was designed specifically for you and your unique childcare needs. You choose the day and time you would like a Nanny, how much you want to spend (don’t worry, we will help you with this!) and we will get to work finding you the best care. Our village is full of amazing Nannies who are educated, experienced and equally fun. Each Nanny Extraordinaire is fully vetted with a detailed background check including a criminal search, sex offender registry scan and DMV check. As a member of The International Nanny Association, they will comply with Nanny Pair’s high standards as we take pride in abiding by the INA’s commitment to professional excellence.

Agency Fees:

$175 registration fee plus
$20 service fee upon scheduling 

*Based on Nanny availability
*3 hour minimum 


A Home Consultation is required prior to working with Nanny Pair. A Nanny Pair Representative will come to your home, spend time with your family, go over schedule and routine and discuss your wants and needs in a Nanny. We will also go over any extra responsibilities you request. This is the beginning step to building your Family profile and gives you access to all the services Nanny Pair offers. 

Cost: A non-refundable fee of $199


Allow Nanny Pair to create, customize and deliver exceptional care right to your door. Our Nanny Placement is a full service Plan that offers an easy and stress-free experience for you and your family when adding a full or part time Nanny to your team. We take the stresses out of searching for that perfect Nanny who is experienced, excited and most of all reliable. We Pair you with a Nanny (or two!) that works best for your family based on schedule, routine and personality. Our Placement Plan also includes accounting expertise, a written Nanny Contract, reference and background checks with full time concierge services. Tax information can be tricky when it comes to your Nanny, but we will help you get all the tax benefits you deserve. A written Nanny Contract provides a seamless integration and incorporates an organized overview of expectations and responsibilities. Are you uncomfortable with confrontation and wish you had a helping hand with negotiations with Nanny rates and time off requests? Whether you need to alter your schedule or replace your Nanny, we help address these concerns for the length of your contract with our concierge services.

Your time is valuable and finding the perfect Nanny can cost you those precious moments with your family. Let us spend the time gathering all the necessary information so you can make the best choice for you and your family.

Agency Fees:

$175 registration fee plus
1 year contract: $1800
6 month contract: $900
Monthly contract: $200 

Coming Soon!


à la carte 

At Nanny Pair, we go above and beyond to make sure safety is our number one priority and you should too. Finding the perfect Nanny can be time-consuming, stressful and nerve-wracking. 

You can now order a detailed screening for your Nanny à la carte. We will review their motor vehicle report, CPR and first aid certifications, a civil record search to expose any lawsuits, liens or judgments, the sex offender registry for all 50 states, D.C, Puerto Rico and Guam and most importantly their resume and references.

Agency Fees:

Starting at $175


A 5-panel eCup urine test to include results for:


Agency Fees: