What is a Holidate? Unlike the new Netflix movie depicting a Holidate as a preplanned date with a guaranteed plus-one for all holiday gatherings, our Holidates are gift experiences to be enjoyed by couples, friends, with your bestie or bros, as a double, group or solo date! Nanny Pair has teamed up with local businesses to give the gift of experience this holiday season. As parents, we have begged and pleaded with family members to gift our children experiences, not toys, and now it’s time for us to seek our own advice. We don’t need another sweater, tie or fruit cake. What we need is a time out. Not that kind of time out, but a time out where you can just take a second for yourself and truly enjoy time out and about. Insert Louisville small businesses.

     Louisville is thriving with shops that you like, salons that highlight, donuts that delight, bars in the night, where Foodies unite. Whether you frequent Butcher/Bards/German or Smoketown, the east or west, nu or old, Louisville is filled with small businesses that are just as unique as a stroll through the Highlands. Now more than ever they need your support. Remember the adage, “Buy Local or Bye Local.” For real though.

They say 2020 has been a tough year and girl do I agree, but that is just another reason why this holiday season you should gift presents that are truly special. What is a truly special gift you ask? Well, it’s one that people are actually excited to give and receive. Think about how amazing you feel when you are unwrapping that stunning box covered in Etsy-wrapping paper, tied with a custom bow inspired by Pinterest, just to find another pair of socks with writing on the bottom of the feet. (Like why can’t you put those witty sayings along the toe line so I too can enjoy the avocado pun?) Another gift you do not need. Another item headed in the trash or possibly goodwill if you ever take the box out of your trunk. You know you won’t use that gravy boat or light those twinkling stars strung on gold wire or read that book on bathroom jokes (ok maybe this is a good one). Well what about gift cards? Are those good gifts you ask? Gift card. A very popular present purchased by lazy gift givers who don’t have the time (or desire) to put a little thought into a proper present worthy of that silver-swirly, custom wrapping paper. Whether you fall into the “I will never buy a gift card for a person” or “gift cards are my go-to’s!” category, the end result is always the same. People actually LOVE receiving gift cards. I mean the card is actually a gift- hence gift card but it is what is on that shiny rectangle that makes the difference between a good present and an amazing present, not to mention the dollar amount (even better, the unidentified gift card that creates a game of “should I buy that $100 wine opener or the $5 pop socket when trolling the store”). Gift cards work because they allow us to spend time in our favorite shop, enjoy that blowout or browse through bestsellers. It is on our own time and it fulfils us for more than just a moment, it creates a memory that plays in our minds and makes us smile randomly throughout the day. Remember that funny joke your sister told you while decorating snowman cookies? It was because you created a memory. Why can’t you enjoy shopping the way Julia Roberts did in Pretty Woman, or have a private dining experience like a Kardashian? When will you be able to hone in on your Martha Stewart skills by creating a wreath worthy of the front door? Well now you can! Insert Holidates.

Holidates are designed to bring money to our local businesses, supporting our crafty mamas, mom and pop shops and unlimited eateries.

When people receive gift cards, tickets to the theater or spa days, they are full of gratitude and excitement waiting for their dream night out to finally appear on the google calendar. But typically, the gift certificates will sit in a drawer for a long time collecting memory dust. Haven’t you heard of memory dust? It’s a special kind of dust that settles onto said item that whines and cries, yearning to be used, desiring to make a beautiful memory. Just like the new CrossFit studio you’ve been dying to try, you press pause on your special day because there are other things that are more important. Whether you dream of throwing axes at a piece of painted wood, making hot chocolate bombs, learning brush strokes that emulate Monet, sipping beers & playing arcade games in Jtown or visiting downtown museums, something always comes up and the time is never right. The number one reason (absolutely no scientific data was collected on this so please don’t quote me) most people don’t follow through with their dates is because there is one minor detail that gift givers forget to include in the coveted-envelope to the giftee…childcare. Who the heck is going to watch the kids so you can actually enjoy using the perfectly-glossed-rectangle card, filled with virtual dollars, to your favorite NuLu restaurant or favorite boutique shop in Norton Commons? How are you supposed to relax on the massage table when you are worried that your kiddo is wreaking havoc on the house (and the sitter)? How can you look forward to shopping or sipping overpriced, coffee drinks at your favorite places when you are worried your sitter won’t even show? You may as well received a mom-coupon for a homemade pedi where the kids scrub your feet with soggy goo from the sandbox outside rather than enjoy a well deserved pedicure from that eclectic nail salon, with creative nail art, if you don’t have trusted childcare at home. Insert Nanny Pair.

Nanny Pair is teaming up with small businesses to give the gift of experience this year with childcare included in a Holidate! What the heck is a Nanny Pair? We are a boutique Nanny Agency Pairing the Perfect Nanny with the Perfect Family. Simply put, we give kick-ass parents reliable childcare and give kick-ass people jobs they are passionate about. Read more about us, we are actually pretty cool and I hear the creator/owner is pretty awesome too.

This holiday season, treat others to presents that they will actually enjoy receiving. Holidates are an ideal gift that provides a local experience with childcare. Holidates are perfect for parents, teachers, best friends, family members, your Nanny or your favorite barista. Grab your friends and head to the yummy restaurant and eat in a bubble pod under the stars. Spoil your mom with a day of shopping at her favorite boutique. Spend a girls day crafting and sipping wine, and don’t worry about the kiddos they will be fine.

“Alone or with a mate, gift the best with a holidate.” (I just made that up! Too much?)


Your Favorite Nanny Agency Owner: Melissa