It’s that time of year again, National Nanny Recognition Week (NNRW)!
There are so many ways to show your caregiver that you appreciate and value who they are and what they mean to your family.
🍐#NannyPairTip showing AND telling your Nanny that you are thankful for them comes in many different forms. A homemade card from the kiddos along with your words of gratitude can mean a lot to a Nanny.
🎁: if you are looking to gift something special to your Nanny a gift card to their fave coffee shop, gas card, spa day, car detail, an extra paid day off (this week or their birthday), flowers, a special lunch delivered or a new pair of slippers to wear in your home make great gifts.
💚 Remember it is the genuine gratitude you share and express that means more than anything🍐