Professional Educators that work with Nanny Pair posses an expertise in a certain field and are ready to help you get your kiddo(s) back on track this summer. Our children’s school year was cut short and due to the pandemic we are unsure what exactly will happen in the fall. As parents we are usually in control of important things. We are able to choose what activities our little’s will engage in and what school they will attend. Many of us are feeling stressed out because we cannot control the unknown. When this happens it is important to focus on the things we can control. And right now, there isn’t much. Whether our kid is 4 or 14 years old their education is important in their development and most importantly in moving forward to the next school year. Nanny Pair understands the frustration and stress that early school closures left us feeling; like a terrible soap opera-cliffhanger, on a Friday, during sweeps week and the affects it had (and still does) on a family as a whole.
We teamed up with amazing educators who are ready and willing to create a customized curriculum for your kiddo this summer. Together we will craft a plan that will help get your child back on track. Whether they were a toddler who attended a forest school, a teenager needing extra help in a certain area, or a child who needs extra attention in natural development, we are here for you. Just like our Nannies, our Professional Educators are fully vetted with a background check and bring a specialized approach when meeting your needs. We believe that learning through play is best suited for all ages, learning all subjects, for all families. When kids are having fun, they are absorbing so much information because it makes them feel good. When children are forced to learn something in a controlled environment, it can hinder their natural ability to love learning. Our Professional Educators will implement age appropriate activities to help keep your child engaged. We believe learning should be fun and our approach will be just that. “Study without desire spoils the memory, and it retains nothing that it takes in” -Leonardo da Vinci. Whatever teaching philosophy you prefer, allow our Professional Educators to get creative in finding the desire to learn in your child.

Professional Educators are available this summer for individual sessions. Email us for more information, pricing and availability. We look forward to learning with you!