If you ask Alexa, Siri or Cortana the benefits of outdoor play, they will rattle off (or rather guide you to an article) that shares all the wonderful benefits and explain why this type of play is so important for child growth and development. We love playing just as much as any child, but when we can throw in some learning moments while playing, we get excited.

Even Einstein thinks there’s something pretty terrific about combining play with learning. “Play is the highest form of research” he said, and that is pretty cool.

Some research:

The physicality of outdoor play and the ability to learn about and respect all spaces and creatures big & small plays an integral part in a child’s development. Learning through play offers a fun approach and in our Nature Sessions, the learning comes naturally, literally in nature.

Outdoor play inspires:

-increased confidence

-allows for healthy risk-taking

-helps build social skills

Outdoor play demonstrates an increase in:



-fine and gross motor skills


Nanny Pair is thrilled to offer one on one (or more) Nature Sessions with our professional Nannies. These sessions are perfect for kiddos that crave time outdoors, those who love nature, for explorers and those looking for a fun adventure.

Our Nature Sessions are super unique in that they are held outside in all weather conditions. “Direct association with nature has both mental and physical benefits. It has also been proven to improve mood, and reduce depression and mental fatigue. Children who are involved in regular outdoor play benefit from increased flexibility and gross motor skills.”


There are child-led, prepared environments and creative play based strategies and philosophies used to help direct our children. We believe there are many paths to choose from and pride ourselves on an all-encompassing approach that truly allows nature and the nurture of the child to dictate our day. Our time together will follow a pedagogy that allows the kiddos to explore on their own, based on their interests, in that exact moment of time. When the wind is blowing, we will experiment with the currents. When tiny ice crystals form, we will investigate and explore. When rain falls, we will touch it, feel it, smell it and of course jump in it!


Each session lasts 3 hours. Simply select a session via Facebook. We will confirm your day & time and send you additional info via email. A 10 minute virtual meet & greet with your Nanny will be scheduled within 24 hours. On the day of your session your Nanny will come to your home to pick up your kiddo or meet you at a specific place inspired by your location and child’s interest. Time together will include a customized curriculum created by your Nanny that will be sure to engage, enthrall, entertain and educate your little explorer. Please be sure to dress accordingly and pack extra gear. We can’t wait to go on this adventure with you!

1 session: $75

Additional kiddo $25

*All materials included in price.

Availability: book your session via Facebook

Please Note:

Nanny Pair thrives on safety for all. We know times are a bit different right now so we have morphed our Adventure Classes to fit your unique needs.

We will now offer Nature Sessions as we abide by the CDC and our Governor’s recommendations for safe practices. Each session is one on one with a professional Nanny and can be offered as a group (up to 4 kiddos) based on your comfort level. Siblings, cousins, neighbors or friends can join your session at an additional rate per child.